Comprehensive Long Term Care At Home

At Piak Care, we believe everyone deserves great care. Long term care is for elderly or young persons, persons with chronic illnesses, or persons who because of their disability are unable to perform day-to-day tasks on their own. We at Piak Care provide these persons with comprehensive round-the-clock long term care to help them maintain their independence.

Our home-based care service is founded on compassion, dignity, attentiveness, and professionalism. We provide personal care to help our clients with their daily activities. We also ensure your healthcare, social, and emotional needs are taken care of. We also support your family and provide guidance and emotional support whenever they need it.

Our goal is to help you remain functional and improve your overall quality of life. Our care services are flexible to accommodate your specific requirements. We offer individualised care services to meet our client’s unique needs. Our home-based long term care service provides the best care for you and your loved ones to live full lives.

Our team of caregivers at Piak Care have been chosen through a rigorous vetting process. They are also highly trained to provide the best care for every dependency level. We take care to match you to your ideal caregiver and if not, provide seamless processes for a change. We favour home care because we want our clients to feel comfortable and literally, at home.

Our Home-Based Long Term Care Services

At Piak Care, we deliver relationship-based care designed to meet your daily health and personal needs. For persons who are unable to perform day-to-day tasks independently, we provide dignified support. We provide a client-centred care approach prioritising the needs and preferences of our clients. This provides you with more control over the kind of care you or your loved one receives.

Benefits Of Using Our Long Term Home Care Service

Our goal at Piak Care is to deliver the best care for all of our clients. Our professional caregivers ensure that your loved ones are comfortable and pleased at home. Some of the benefits of using our long term home care service include:

  1. Flexible complex care service
  2. Tailored, relationship-based care
  3. Meal preparation and housework
  4. Maintain independence and choice
  5. Nutrition and fluid intake
  6. Help in engaging in favourite activities
  7. Enhanced quality of life
  8. Control over the kind of care you receive
  9. Professional carers who are always on time
  10. Top-level quality home care