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Who Are We?

Piak Care is a reliable domiciliary care agency with over 10 years of team experience in the industry. We treat caregiving as an approach to life rather than just a job. Our care workers understand our mission to deliver the best home care in the community. They are dedicated to providing compassionate personalised support that improves your life. We take pride in offering a whole array of home care services with flexible care plans to satisfy our client’s diverse needs.


Our Services

We work with a diverse range of clients globally, from small independents to national oil companies.


We provide professional dementia care at home to support you and your loved one after a dementia diagnosis.

Elderly Care

At Piak Care, we provide high-quality in-home elderly care.

Complex care

Any person, child or adult, may require complex care and at Piak Care, we provide professional complex care at home.

Live in Care

Live-in care involves having a trusted caregiver live in your home and provide full-time professional care and support as needed.


Comprehensive Long Term Care At Home

Comprehensive Long-Term Care At Home. At Piak Care, we believe everyone deserves great care

Residential cleaning services

We offer domestic cleaning services for residential and care home clients in the Camberley area. 

Piak Care Live In Care Services

The Piak Care experience is founded on values of professionalism, compassion, reliability, and sensitivity.

Complex Care Needs

Our care approach at Piak Care is founded on dignity, respect, professionalism, and compassion. 


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